A perfect solace

There always lies a world beyond the world, a sky beyond the sky… Some call it fantasy some surreal, but to me that is the world where I belongs.

A perfect solace, a perfect refuge for a tormented soul

Surrounded by ceaseless twilight…


A New Beginning

At dusk when the birds are in haste of returning home

Lonely moon nestles into the bosom of cloudlet

Birds sing joyfully and the mountains cease talking to the sea…

Lonely owl hoots unearthly

Solitariness engulf the mind overly

Palm groove whispers among each other

A monstrous cloud blankets the sky

Resentments fade into oblivion

A divine lights flood the earth with great care

A journey begins from the smoke of a blazing fire

Caterpillar turns into butterfly

And flutters its colorful wings with contentment

Alluring jasmine smell fills the air

And life become worth living once more…



My thoughts run wild as the night tiptoes

Every entity craves to see you break the silence

With divine green,

Looking at the sky,

Up in the aurora borealis where lights never cease

There runs a rivulet through the shallow foggy cliffs…

My thoughts turn surreal as the night creeps

And I cast a glance and narrow my eyes with surprise

While a blue spider weaves relentlessly ignoring my presence,

What is there in his mind?

A buzzing fly or a cherished dream of El Dorado?



Darkness has spread its pitch dark wings
Half hidden alley seems unknown
Enticing rhythm in the air
Butterfly in the stomach
Striving to find silver lining
In the meantime–
Time is passing by at snail pace…


3 SEO Tools that reestablish and Safeguard your brand identity

Success is fragile if you do not guard it from wilderness. This is more applicable in the present day scenario of digital marketing. If you are doing well in web and have created a reputation eventually, then it is evident that you have created some enemies too. In most of the cases, your competitors turn into your enemies. Although it is true that majority of them won’t harm you but few of them will definitely go further and won’t leave a stone unturned to spoil your reputation. In such a situation, if you are not safeguarded enough, your business will be shattered. So, this is the most crucial to take precaution to prevent any such thing from happening.

Here we have discussed some of the practical and effective methods that help you safeguard your business. The first and foremost, it is advised to check the ranking of your website in Google. And if you happened to find any changes, you can seek help from the SEO expert who will take necessary action immediately.

Guest blog is considered the best in terms of rebuilding your reputation. It always helps in rejuvenating your reputation. To get maximum benefits from guest blogs, you need to submit engaging and unique blogs consistently.

World Wide Web is flooded with social media. And Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are to name a few that are highly popular among people. Everyone tend to connect themselves through these media. It is the strongest platform that can be used to enhance your brand identity. To use social media for creating brand identity, select some of the popular social media and create your business profile. Once you finish, make people join there as much as possible. And most importantly, build a wonderful relation with those people who have been following or associating with you.

YouTube is a popular social media. This is a video sharing websites where you can add your favorite video to reestablish your business identity. As Google search engine promotes YouTube, so it will be excellent options to rebuild your brand identity.

If you think all the above mentioned discussion is crucial to reestablish your brand identify, but you are too busy to apply them. Then here is the solution for you. SEO Companies in Bangalore is well equipped with cutting-edge technology and provides perfect solutions at affordable prices. They always help in reestablishing your brand identity and protect it from getting damage again.



Mystifying shadow chasing since the time immemorial,
Lying in the frozen darkness, under the crescent moon
A strong instinct that occupies the mind
A sudden pinkish glow, yet blur…
Lavender smell in the air
Relentless melodies of fountain
Eyes as deep as fathomless sea; restless yet still
Dark as impregnated with rain that can make even a melancholy peacock to dance
Velvety smooth firmament that speaks to the droplets of rain
Nourish with great care, and let it spread relentlessly…